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When you hire BT HVAC technicians to do your furnace repair, you will enjoy top of the line servicing. Not only are our technicians experienced and skilled, but they are also trained well in the area of customer service and care. That means that they are wired to listen to you to understand the problem better and present workable solutions that will ensure your furnace’s good working condition afterward.

Our technicians are very accommodating. They are sincere when dealing with clients, polite and cheerful. Working with our team will be a breath of fresh air for you and your family as we get things done efficiently and without any fuss.


Our services are reasonably priced and very competitive. While there may be many service providers in the industry today, we stand out by merely offering affordable packages paired with excellent artistry. We believe that an honest day’s work will go a long mile for our company and prioritizing customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to our team.

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It’s straightforward to overlook regular maintenance of your furnace most especially if you are attending to a lot of day-to-day responsibilities. There are indicators, however, that you can watch out for to determine if there is a potential problem brewing up ahead. Here are a few signs:

  1. Your furnace is not producing enough heat.
  2. That means you might need to check your circuit breaker and reset it or check for a possible clogged filter.
  3. Your furnace won’t turn on.
  4. Check the safety switch. The furnace will not function if the safety switch is not in place.
  5. Your furnace does not blow air.

Debris is most likely causing the problem. Check for flashing lights. Green is okay while red indicates you need to call a furnace technician.

We put a high premium on the integrity of our work. That is why we minimize back jobs as much as we can by doing it right the first time around. Our team does a complete analysis of the problem and keeps a keen eye on the furnace’s condition once subjected to a test run. To us, prioritizing safety is always very important.

When going through furnace problems, call BT HVAC and experience our unique brand of service!


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